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Montague the Beautiful, as the name suggests, is one of the prettiest towns on the Island. Graced with a tranquil river, lovely tree-lined streets and stately homes, it is a wonderful environment for residents and visitors alike.

Montague's location in the heart of Kings County also makes it a regional centre of business and commerce, an excellent place for investment.

The town itself is located along the Montague River in what used to be known as Township Lots 52 and 59. It lies approximately six miles upstream from Cardigan Bay, allowing for easy access by water to the Northumberland Strait and the Atlantic Ocean. The river bisects the town from east to west, providing excellent small port access for transport, fishing and recreation, as well as enhancing the town's scenic beauty.

Kings County is the easternmost county of Prince Edward Island, and Montague lies considerably south of the main body of the Province. Its geographic position--in close proximity to the provincial capital, Charlottetown, and various important centres in Kings County--has contributed strongly to its growth and development. The town is divided almost evenly by highway route #4 in a north-south direction, linking it to many of the outlying communities.

The surrounding area is also quite picturesque, and has been termed the "Hills and Harbours" area by the Province's tourist authourity. It is characterized by rolling countryside, peaceful rivers, picturesque beaches and vibrant colours: the pristine white of winter snow, the brilliant violet of the lupins that line the roadways in spring, the green of the summer grass and fields, and the kaleidescope of hues in the autumn leaves. Our back roads maintain the same colour throughout the year - the famous rich red which is characteristic of the Island. Much of the land is used for agricultural purposes, though there is a substantial amount of woodland, allowing for hiking, camping and bird- watching.

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