2017~Montague turns 100

Mosaic Madness...
Be a part of the largest collaborative art piece in Prince Edward Island! The Canada 150 Mosaic will be an exciting project which will honour some of our most important events of the past 150 years. The Canada 150 mosaic will blend National and local history in a 14’ x 60’ piece of visual art, to be displayed in Montague for decades to come! David Trimble will be facilitating this collaborative art piece, and ensuring all skill levels are able to produce a quality piece to contribute to this larger mosaic. All participants are also encouraged to attend the final weekend project of putting the piece together, which will happen at the Cavendish Farms Wellness Centre on July 29 and 30. Sign up today to reserve your place in history! 

All of the mosaic classes are now in our calendar of events, from June 29th to July 27th look for "Mosaic 150 Class" on a day or time that suits your schedule, click on the event, then click the RSVP button. An email will be sent to you within a day to confirm your registration.
Find the calendar here.

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2017 is a big year for Canada (150th birthday) and for the Town of Montague (100 years). We've gotten together some photos to see our history and we have some big plans to celebrate such a momentous anniversary. Please browse the photos while you wait for the details... 

If you would like to get involved, feature your pictures, or have a great idea for a celebration drop us an email arowe@montaguepei.ca
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