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Welcome to Montague!
Montague the Beautiful, as the name suggests, is one of the prettiest towns on the Island. Graced with a tranquil river, lovely tree-lined streets and stately homes, it is a wonderful environment for residents and visitors alike.
Enjoy our website and learn more about what  the Town of Montague has to offer. 

A Special Meeting for the Town of Montague will be held at Town Hall on Monday, August 31, 2015 at 7:00 pm.
Items on the agenda are:
1. Sidewalk tender
2. Boys and Girls Club Change of Use Application

Most Recent Agenda
Saturday August 29 


8:00 - Arrival and Set-up
9:00 - Chefs receive Meat and rules
10:45 - Welcome, Chef Jesse Vergen
11:00 - Lighting of the Egg
12:00 - Barry & Garrett O'Brien
2:00 - Fiddler's Sons
2:45 - Big Green Egg Demo
3:15 - Fiddlers Sons
3:45 - Competitors turn in Food
4:15 - Amy & Rachel Beck
4:55 - Crowning of the BBQ King/Queen
5:15 - Amy & Rachel Beck
6:00 - Jack Devaney & the Celtic Mix

August 17, 2015

Thank you to all candidates and voters for taking part in the by-election. 
Results are as follows:

Candidate                         Total 

Gariepy Brian                     4
Griffin Daphne                  155 
Martell Adam                    94
Munroe Leonard              113 Robertson Marian             59

                Total Voters       425 

Message from the Mayor

"It's my pleasure to extend a warm and friendly welcome to our website visitors. Here you will begin to discover why we call our town Montague the Beautiful." - 

Mayor Richard Collins

Contact the Mayor

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